Stop chasing ghosts. Start catching crooks

Limit your exposure, cut down your backlog, and find new risks with practical AI for your existing AML transaction monitoring system.

AI superpowers for AML analysts

Safely scale your business without retraining your anti-money laundering analysts. Resistant AI’s Transaction Forensics boosts your investigatory productivity, sifts productive alerts out from noisy rules-based transaction monitoring systems, and reveals the real risks lurking in your data—all in total compliance.

increase in productivity
productive alerts become SARs
increase in productive alerts

to deploy,
not months


Limit your exposure before transactions happen

Detect anomalous behaviors in the transaction stream to keep criminal activity—whether fraud or money laundering—out of your network and see how manageable investigations become when crime is stopped at placement or first layering.

Categorize. Prioritize.


Stop burning out your best investigators on false alerts. See how quickly your team can cut through the riskiest items in your backlog by using AI to prioritize all incoming alerts and provide far more context into each suspicious event.

Find what you’ve been missing

Building static rules for every scenario won’t let you keep up with evasive criminals, but it will eat up your time maintaining them. Your data already has everything you need to find your unknown risks. Just segment your customers dynamically based on identities, behaviors, and even weaker data points to make outliers stick out like statistical sore thumbs.

Pinpoint where the noise is coming from

If fire alarms failed 95% of the time, no one would claim they work. So why would you tolerate a transaction monitoring system that generates 20 times more noise than real findings? Identify underperforming rules so you can fix them or take them offline.

The system you know

better, faster, smarter, and

more explainable

Switching costs take on a whole new dimension when you’re talking about compliance tech. Why go through the pain? Enhance your existing AML transaction monitoring system with ready-built ensembles of smaller, focused models that deploy within days, keep your maintenance costs low, and can be understood.





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