Document Forensics savings calculator

Verifying documents automatically doesn't just save on fraud losses—it also cuts down operational costs related to fraud reviews.

How much could you save? 


Calculate your savings

Use the sliders below to adjust how much fraud you currently lose to document fraud, and how much you spend on document reviews on a monthly basis. 

Annual savings: $0

Average out-of-the-box detection rate
(pre-training) 86%

Average reduction in manual reviews 92%

Annual savings: $0

Average out-of-the-box detection rate
(pre-training) 86%

Average reduction in manual reviews 92%

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Document Forensics savings FAQs


How does this calculator work?

The calculator combines two different sources of savings: 

It assumes our out-of-the-box day-1, pre-training fraud detection rates (86%) recouping your document fraud-related losses, combined with operational savings on the time spent manually reviewing documents based on the average automation rate (92%) we achieve with customers. 

Largely, the formula is: 

[(Monthly fraud losses attributed to document fraud x 86%) + (Monthly cost of manual reviews * 92%)] x 12 = annual savings.

What do you mean by share attributed to document fraud?

While you likely have a very confident number to attribute to your fraud losses, not all of your losses will be due to document fraud. Your estimate of how much is driving document fraud is the portion we can help you resolve. 

Generally speaking, most companies we work heavily with underestimate the fraud hiding in their documents because they weren't able to detect it with the naked eye.

What does average out-of-the-box detection rate mean?

Document Forensics is an AI-based document fraud detection solution, and that means it is constantly learning on your documents and your risk appetite to improve performance. 

However, it does have a baseline detection performance, even without training, that will work on day-1, right out of the box.

How do I find my cost for a manual document review?

Multiply the time it takes to review a document by the hourly rate of the reviewer.

In some organizations with very tight SLAs, this can be as low as $2 per document, but in cases with much higher risk controls that take days, it can range into the tens of dollars per document. 

How do you get an average 92% reduction in manual reviews?

This rate is achieved with customers running our API and automatically declining obvious fraud cases, and automatically moving certified authentic documents to the next step in the process, leaving only a handful of cases for escalation to manual review—all dictated by their specific risk appetite. 

What if I want to keep a human in the loop for every document review?

Companies that decide to use our service manually still see on average 80% faster review times, dramatically speeding up processing capabilities, expanding their capacity without incurring additional cost.

This is all possible thanks to clear verdicts—with clear explainable findings—that help accelerate the reviewer's decisions.

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