We’ve just closed our A series investment round. Full details on Venturebeat.

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Who are we

We protect AI-based financial automation systems from manipulation, misuse and intentional attacks with AI. We discover and prevent financial fraud based on forged documents, manipulated transactions and stolen or synthetic identities.


Leaders in machine learning for security
Security machine learning is different - our black hats try hard to look like anything but. We’re committed to providing robust and innovative products in the AI oversight market that are easy to integrate into your processes.
Built by security experts for security experts
Data Security is one of our core values. We understand the complexity of evolving risks and constantly improve the security of our systems.
A supportive partner and advisor
Automation can be disruptive for many of our customers; fraud even more so. We are committed to accompanying and helping you on the journey to fully protect your digital financial systems.

Our teams are hiring

Made up of business development, marketing, and sales, this team finds new prospects and markets for our growth.
Research and technology
Led by PhD researchers in machine learning and creative engineers, this team builds out the core of our SaaS products.
All things budgeting, contracts, recruitment, and keeping our people healthy and focused are handled by this team.

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