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Do you want to become a crime-fighter?

Do you also have drive, a growth mindset, and a big heart? We want to hear from you.
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Who we are

We're committed to using AI to protect financial automation systems from manipulation, misuse, and attacks. We discover and prevent financial fraud based on forged documents, manipulated transactions, and stolen or synthetic identities.

Leaders in machine learning for security
We create innovative products in the AI oversight market that are easy to integrate into existing processes—while simultaneously making them more robust.
Built by security experts for security experts
Securing the data belonging to our clients and their customers is our key focus. We understand complex, evolving risks and constantly improve our systems.
A supportive partner and advisor
Automation can be disruptive—fraud even more so. We guide and evolve with our partners on their journey to make the digital ecosystem safer for everyone.

Our products


Where you can contribute


Business development, marketing, and sales—this team finds new markets, targets new prospects, and closes deals.
Research & technology
Led by PhD researchers in machine learning and surrounded by creative engineers, this team builds out our SaaS products.
Budgeting, contracts, recruitment, and socializing—this team keeps everything working and our people healthy and focused.
Want to be a crime-fighter?
Do you have drive, a growth mindset, and a big heart? We want to hear from you.
New York

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