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Power up your transaction monitoring with a layer of AI fraud protection. In a crowded field, that's protecting your reputation—and your bottom line.

More customers, fewer fires to put out

Fraud hurts: it increases operational costs, exposes you to regulatory risks, and chips away at your profit margin. Transaction Forensics slashes fraud attempt numbers, distinguishes defaults from fraud, and minimizes the impacts of fraud that does occur. Ultimately, you're freed to serve legitimate customers making legitimate transactions.

reduction in fraud dollar value
of fraud attempts eliminated—for good
of transactions reclassed as legitimate
increase in overall revenue

Real results against real challenges

BNPL providers need to balance security and accessibility, fast. Our real-time AI analyzes and improves every output from your transaction monitoring system in less than 50 ms—meaning defense against evolving fraud threats without added friction for customers.


Anomalies tell the tale

Our AI's strength comes from modular ensembles of detectors trained to look for specific behaviors as well as undefined threats. Whether anomalous behaviors point to new account abuse, synthetic ID fraud, friendly fraud, or account takeovers, our AI flags them as they happen—and before they damage your system or your customers.

Crash the fraud life cycle

Successful fraudsters take after successful businesses: test a proof of concept and only then scale up for real disruption. We cut these sophisticated fraud rings off at the testing stage, before they get a chance to ramp up their attacks. Catching this process early can eliminate up to 65% of new fraud attempts—permanently. Bad actors may still probe for weak points, but they won't find any worth exploiting in a transaction monitoring system augmented with Resistant AI.

Differentiate fraud from defaults

Bringing more credit options to the masses unfortunately comes with occasional defaults. The technological society we live in, however, also brings the masses more options for easy fraud. Understandably, risk teams spend considerable time and frustration struggling to simply tell the two apart. Our tools build up a picture of customers from their first transaction, giving you the context to make the right decisions fast.

Sharpen your toolkit for false declines

Avoiding risk is smart, but it doesn't always pay: around 40% of customers say they won't shop again with a merchant who incorrectly rejects their order. With deep insights from Transaction Forensics, 10% of typically blocked transactions can be reclassified as legitimate. This alone can mean 2% greater revenue.

Higher-quality securitization packages

Having a better understanding of what transactions constitute legitimate credit risks and what are frauds is also indispensable for the secondary market. AI can reassess up to 15% of cases previously characterized as non-fraud defaults as fraudulent. This means you can bundle loans into attractive, lower-risk products that investors will love—and pay a premium for.

Increase profits and morale

No transaction monitoring system is perfect (yet), but the lucky fraudsters that make it through are small-time: one client saw the dollar value of successful frauds drop by 90% thanks to our tools. Employees felt benefits along the same lines: the Alert Prioritization module helped filter out 85% of unproductive alerts—meaning less busywork and more time for investigating real cases. With less fraud overall, less costly fraud, and more efficient teams, operational profits can rise up to 18%.

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