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Resistant Transactions

Find new threats. Reduce false alarms. Simplify fraud detection, AML or scoring system. We don’t score. We hunt. Resistant AI wraps your existing scoring system in an adaptive protective layer.

The problem

Systems tasked with detecting financial crime, scoring risk, and monitoring the compliance of transactions in different jurisdictions make critical and complex decisions every second. Transaction volumes and the desire for almost instantaneous response in the on-demand economy make human oversight impracticable. Automation has therefore replaced much of what was previously done manually, further accelerating innovation.
But automation is vulnerable. Smart criminals actively probe systems to identify weaknesses in their defenses before exploiting them at scale, causing tremendous damage in a short time.

The Solution: Financial Automation Oversight

We extend our clients’ processes and monitor each interaction for behavioral anomalies. By hunting for criminals while they develop their attack strategy, we protect the underlying systems from new threats before damage can occur. When human intervention is required, we narrow the focus by prioritizing and contextualising alerts, simplifying analyses, and improving the working lives of financial crime protection teams.
discover and block novel and previously unknown threats and attacks
reduce false alarms and rejections, with full transparency and explanation of the underlying rationale
prevent fraud occurring automatically before approval
the working lives of risk analysts by prioritising alerts in line with company thresholds for specific regulatory jurisdictions and business domains
the decision-making process overall by eliminating fraud from the data

Our approach

We actively discover new and unknown threats by constantly connecting the dots in the data and uncovering unlikely dependencies and correlations.
We hunt by patiently connecting the dots and picking up the transaction groups that stand out - not as individuals, but as clusters of transactions.

The Result: Active Discovery of New Threats

Intelligent hunting
Discover new attacks, manipulative inputs and other threats to create a frictionless user experience for your customers.
AI systems protection
Apply adaptive security controls to protect AI systems and your business from fraudsters while minimizing customer friction.

Prevent Team Burnout

We keep the underlying system simple by separating-out the fraud concern.

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