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Unmasking Fraud: Dynamic Controls for an Ever-Changing Threat Landscape

Resistant AI

Wednesday 28th February at 2pm GMT
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Fraud is now the most common crime in the UK, and with figures suggesting that over 86% of fraud is unreported, the scale of the problem may be even greater than we know!

The political commitment and agenda to combat fraud have never been more clear or decisive, and 2024 will bring significant regulatory changes and scrutiny in this space. The message from regulators is clear: they expect more.

Robust and adaptive detective and preventive controls across the customer lifecycle are essential to a proactive defence against the ever-evolving landscape of fraud.

To stop fraudulent transactions, compromised accounts and money mules in their tracks, firms need to understand their fraud vulnerabilities, assess their control framework and build a clear plan of action.

Join this upcoming FINTRAIL webinar, hosted in partnership with Resistant AI, to learn about the ever-evolving fraud landscape, and the tools and strategies you should be considering to enhance detection and prevention in your financial crime team.