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AI and AFC: The future is now, are you ready for it?

Resistant AI

Whether you are new to AI or already using it, join Resistant AI & Fintrail to explore how AI will shape the future of financial crime prevention. 

AI & AFC - The future is now


As financial crime continues to evolve and criminals adopt even more sophisticated approaches it is imperative for organisations to deploy advanced technologies to stay ahead of illicit activities.

With artificial intelligence (AI) already embedded in many aspects of our daily lives,  embracing its full potential can unlock and shape our future in previously unimaginable ways. In the next instalment of our bootcamp series we delve into the use of AI in the future of anti-financial crime (AFC) management and the practical application it has for firms on different stages of their technology maturity journey. 

Over the course of our two part bootcamp series we will clarify the role of AI in tackling financial crime, its benefits, its limitations, and give practical insights in how to deploy it effectively. Through practical use cases, our expert speakers will explore how to exploit AI to enhance detection, prevention, and investigation processes, and ultimately strengthen AFC frameworks.

We will review how augmenting your existing AFC controls to unlock the power of AI in the fight against financial crime can empower your organisation to combat illicit activity more effectively and efficiently - in a way that does not require a complete tech redesign. 

Day 1 - 28th September 2pm - 3.30pm
Topics include:
The fundamentals of AI, Regulatory perspectives of AI in AFC, Managing and communicating explainability and transparency in AI
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Day 2 - 5th October 2pm - 3.30pm
Topics include:
AI and the AFC technology maturity curve, Use cases for AI in AFC and Preparing for AI adoption
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