Claim Technology partners with Resistant AI to deliver Document Forensics

Partnership marks foray into insurtech as AI set to protect against fraudulent claims.

Resistant AI, the company using AI and machine learning to defend financial services from fraud and crime, has announced a strategic partnership with insurtech specialists Claim Technology to protect against fraudulent insurance claims. Claims handlers will now be able to spot forged documents to a level of forensic analysis that is impossible to detect with the human eye.

Michael Lewis, CEO at Claim Technology states, “Many of our clients are looking to add verification tools to digital customer self-serve processes, for example to proof of identity and address documents, such as driving licenses, passports, utility bills, and bank statements, or supporting claims evidence, such as proof of purchase. By adding Resistant AI’s Document Forensics to our insurtech marketplace, customers can detect forgeries across the entire claims process, from either individuals or as a result of organized crime.”

Each submitted document is analyzed over 550 different ways to catch signs of forgery—even on documents never seen before—and given a clear, explainable verdict. Any available behavioral data, from device intelligence to service usage patterns and more, is used to detect bulk account creations, stolen identities, bots, and account takeovers. All documents are compared to detect forgery patterns, uncover common templates behind industrially produced forgeries and highlight identity or claim reuse across different insurers.

“Insurance has moved to fully digital customer onboarding and claims processing. This transition exposes insurers to new categories of fraud threats,” comments Martin Rehak, CEO and Founder of Resistant AI. “The ready supply of fake digital identities that can be used for customer onboarding coupled with easy access to technology offers attackers a novel way to produce fraudulent claims documents at scale. Resistant AI focuses on scrutinizing every document to a level of forensic analysis that will eliminate new attacks before they can scale.”

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